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Compliance: Commitment

As government regulations and requirements become more and more complex, providers are turning to billing companies to help them process claims correctly. In addition, an environment of decreasing reimbursement means that client medical groups must bill for everything that they are entitled to. This places greater importance on choosing the right billing company that best meets the needs of the medical group and does so in an ethical and compliant manner. Consequently, the choice of a billing company is now a critical decision for medical groups.

MBSI establishes the benchmark in our industry for honest and ethical business practices. We are fully committed to a culture of compliance. We have developed and enacted an individual company compliance program to maintain high standards in our operational quality while decreasing exposure to Fraud and Abuse allegations.

  • The Corporate Compliance Committee is appointed by the CEO to advise and assist the Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO). The Committee includes physician executives with operations responsibilities from each client medical group, the COO, and other executives.
  • We continually provide formal training to our coding and billing staff to maintain a high level of comprehension of coding theory and emerging coding issues.
  • MBSI's professional coding staff is audited on a monthly basis and must meet rigorous quality standards.
  • MBSI utilizes a nationally recognized expert in medical coding and billing to perform regular independent audits.
  • MBSI partners with our clients to ensure that they are fully HIPAA compliant.

Ultimately, MBSI strives to create a workplace that maintains high standards while fostering an environment of personal satisfaction and professional growth for its employees.

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