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Employment: Training

Coder Training

New coders are hired from external sources or via promotion from other MBSI departments. The objective of the 4-6 week coder training course is to impart upon the new coding staff the ability to review physician documentation in support of compliant application and appropriate assignment of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and ICD-9-CM codes, ensuring all federal, state and private payer statutes and regulations are met.

MBSI's initial coder training curriculum includes understanding the "anatomy" of a medical record, while coaching the staff in coding theory and application. For the first few weeks the new coders are trained on understanding the Evaluation and Management (E&M) levels, the history and physical exam components, and what constitutes medical necessity. They are also instructed on procedures, diagnosis, modifiers, and mid-level practitioner identification and coding.

Once the basics of coding are imparted, they move to the on-line coding system. They learn how to use Ecode, understand the financial classifications, identify provider signatures, capture missed ancillaries or a need to decrease an E&M level, etc. They learn how to suspend charts when there are questions on the chart, or a need for additional documentation. The new coders code approximately 220 charts in a training module.

Upon completion of the training course, they are ready to code "live" charts. A coding analyst is then assigned to them and all coded charts are reviewed to assess the understanding of coding theory and application. Once they consistently pass the quality assurance standard of 95%, they move full time into their assigned region. They continue to be assessed each month to review that the productivity and quality standards are met.

Throughout the year there is continual training on compliant coding updates, emergency medicine practices and government regulations. Certified professional coders (CPC) are offered the opportunity of earning continuing education units (CEUs), on site, through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

Karen DiLallo Photo

Karen DiLallo

Quality Assurance
and Coding Manager

"Instructing the incoming MBSI coding specialists is my privilege and pleasure. I enjoy meeting each trainee, gathering information of prior experience and relating---often---the diverse area's of expertise as instruction of coding theory, practices and application ensues during our time together. We learn best from one another!"

Billing Operations Training

Billing Operations employees begin their journey in the Employee Development Center (EDC) where they are provided a progressive and dynamic framework for learning and growing. The EDC is committed to providing each and every MBSI team member skills and tools to be successful. We believe each employee deserves development, both technical and leadership, and we will do everything possible to fulfill the training needs.

The EDC vision is to nurture MBSI employees and help them grow by offering a variety of programs to meet their needs, from the Billing Specialist to tenured leadership.

Kristi Lopez Photo

Kristi Lopez

Employee Development Center Manager

"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."
- Albert Einstein

I believe in fostering a training environment in which trainees take an active role in the learning process. We provide a high involvement and practical experience that helps strengthen the learning process. The moment when a trainee expresses their gratitude for the knowledge & skill acquired, as well as the patience & skill of the Employee Development Specialist, is a moment I take great pride in.
- Kristi Lopez, EDC Manager

Reimbursement Training

Includes: Payment Training, Provider Dispute Training, and Refund Training.

Employees seeking a successful position in the area of AR Reimbursement find rewarding experience in our Payment, Refund, and/or Provider Dispute training. We seek out individuals who have previous experience in accounts receivable, possibly in the banking industry, or other office position handling reimbursement posting/collection.

After an initial billing training curriculum as the beginning base for their specified training, these individuals then go through a nine month training program with experienced trainers. Here they learn the specifics to their job position working with varied commercial and Government payers. We provide ongoing process change & refresher training, as well as developmental coaching and mentoring to our employees.

We strive towards ensuring that our employees achieve their quality and productivity goals with a clear understanding of all functionality for their success in the department.

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