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News: Community

MBSI has a long history of supporting our community. Our involvement with both the Modesto and Ontario communities is an extension of our commitment to our employees and their families.

We are also known for encouraging healthy lifestyles among our employees. We view our sponsorship of community health events as an excellent fit with our corporate philosophy of promoting activities that help people live longer, healthier lives.

MedAmerica Raises over $7,000 at Modesto Relay For Life Event

For the 13th year, MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. participated in Modesto’s Relay For Life event, raising money for the American Cancer Society. Each year MedAmerica has set up teams to walk the track at Johansen High School, participating in the 24 hour event, and raising funds to help find the cure.

This year, the MBSI team was headed by Brenda Cayea and Tamera Franklin. 26 employees joined the team for this event. Everyone was assigned to walk some laps and work in the booth for a total of two hours each. MBSI ended up being the 4th largest team funding donations for the event. Total dollars raised hit $7,018 ($2,500 was donated by the MedAmerica, the rest of the money was raised by employees at the Bake Sale, Basket Bidding and selling items from our booth at the event). Overall, the event raised $117,624.00 for the American Cancer Society.

MBSI Relay For Life Booth

The MBSI booth sold painted inspirational rocks and necklaces, and visors - to raise funds. There were also a variety of brochures on cancer prevention and tips to give away. “It was a very inspirational time.” stated Brenda Cayea. “Congratulations to everyone for walking laps, working the booth - or just coming to participate in the Relay For Life event. Huge pats on the back for braving the over 100 degree weather. We had lots of bubbles in the air, people spraying lap walkers with water, misters to walk under, and free water available to help people cool down. Although hot and tired at the end of the event, I am already making plans for next year. Thank you so much MedAmerica for your sponsorship of this Event!”

4th Annual Mother's Day Boutique Raises Funds For Charity

On Thursday May 11th, from 9 am to 1 pm, the 4th Annual Mother's Day Boutique was set up in the parking lot at the Modesto Campus. It has become a tradition to hold these boutiques twice a year – once in May for Mother's Day, and again in December for the holiday season.

Sponsored by Blooming Success, a local plant care company, the boutique consists of products by several local vendors. Offerings included planted baskets, herb garden gifts, fresh flowers, jams, jellies, paper crafts, jewelry and other accessories that might appeal to the employees of MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc.

"I've been putting together the MedAmerica Mother's Day Boutique for four years now. It's great when the customers find exactly what they are looking for at a great price – it puts a smile on everyone's face. The vendors and I donate a percentage of the proceeds to charity, making it a win/win situation for us all.", stated Monet Bonson of Blooming Success.

The Mother's Day event raised $125.00 for Relay For Life and the American Heart Association.

"We look forward to our next boutique, which will take place in December." said Lindsey Hernandez, of the MBSI Facilities Department.

MBSI Campuses Hold Bake Sales Benefitting American Cancer Society

MBSI Ontario and MBSI Modesto both held “Relay For Life” bake sales during the week of October 24, 2016. Several employees baked and donated a variety of delicious baked goods in each location, including cookies, cupcakes, cake pops and more, to be sold for the cause. Ontario MBSI raised $362.00, and Modesto MBSI raised $858.00, totaling $1,220.00 for both locations! “We are thrilled at the amount of money raised for Relay For Life”, states Tamera Franklin, Data Acquisition Coordinator in Modesto.

MBSI Bake Sale

MBSI Ontario Hosts the American Red Cross

On July 19th, 2016, the American Red Cross Blood Mobile was welcomed by the Ontario MBSI office. Several MBSI employees, in addition to other surrounding business people, signed up and donated blood throughout the day. The end result was 28 pints collected for the American Red Cross blood bank. Thanks go out to all the MBSI Ontario employees who donated! To learn more about donating, visit:

MBSI Red Cross Event MBSI Red Cross Event

MBSI Modesto Honored As Job Creator At Stanislaus Alliance Group Ceremony

The second annual Celebrate Stanislaus event took place on Wednesday March 30th, 2016, at the State Theatre in downtown Modesto. Congressman Jeff Denham and State Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen's office were present to give out Oscar-like statuettes to employers that added at least 10 jobs to the area in the year 2015. MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. was honored, along with other impressive companies in the area, such as E. & J. Gallo Winery, Amazon, Kaiser Permanente and more. Donna Stuart, MBSI's Talent Acquisition Manager, attended and accepted the award for the company. "It was an honor to be presented this award. Helen Hernandez and I were grateful to accept the award on behalf of MBSI, and we look forward to another fruitful year of hiring for 2016!" states Ms. Stuart.

The award was also presented by David White, Chief Executive Officer of the Stanislaus Business Alliance, who helped sponsor the event.

Donna Stuart Accepts Award On Behalf Of MBSI Close Up Of Awards Being Presented

Ontario MBSI Gift Basket Silent Auction Raises Money for American Cancer Society

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, the Ontario MBSI office held their 4th Annual Pink Party, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The goal was to bring focus on Breast Cancer Awareness, and support the organization in the fight against cancer. Each team in the office created a specialty themed basket, such as; the Coffee Fanatic (containing coffee, scones, and more) and Winter Snuggling (containing a plush throw, slippers, tea, and more), in addition to 6 others: Candle Lover, Movie Enthusiast, Spa Relaxer, Sports Fan, Fitness Buff and Wine Admirer. The bidding was fun and lively throughout the day. At 2:15 pm the winners were announced, amid lots of laughter and good-natured ribbing. The total amount of money raised for the American Cancer Society was $393.00.

"These events bring a strong sense of camaraderie to the site with everyone working toward one goal to support a great cause. The sense of pride, enthusiasm and enjoyment was evidenced by the large participation and overall excitement. Much thanks to the Activities Committee for putting on another great event!" stated Barbara Darling, Regional Operations Manager for MBSI Ontario.

MBSI Participates in 2014 Relay for Life: Raises $8,178

It was a warm and breezy day on May 17th, 2014 - the day that the Relay For Life event took place at Johanson High School in Modesto, CA. 983 people turned out for the event, forming 106 teams that walked laps for a 24 hour period. The overall amount of money raised for Relay For Life totaled a little over $249,000.00 for the entire event.

MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. participated again for this annual event, headed by Co-Captains Tamera Franklin, EDI Coordinator, and Karen Bruzzone DiLallo, Quality Assurance/Coding and Billing Manager. The MBSI team actually formed a "Mega Team", consisting of 2 smaller teams of 13 people in each one. MedAmerica was once again a Gold Level Sponsor for the event, donating $2,500.00 towards the total amount raised by the company: $8,178.38.

MBSI hosted a booth at the Relay For Life event, selling Bead A Lap necklaces, sun visors, rubber bracelets, Fight Like a Girl temporary tattoos, and a Breast Cancer Awareness Basket was raffled off - to build more contributions for the overall total amount of money raised.

"Once again we had a great time, and were proud of being a part of this vital fundraising event.", said Tamera Franklin. "There is no finish line until we find a cure."

2014 Relay for Life Photo #1

Annual Bake Sale in Modesto Raised $1,738 for Relay For Life / The American Cancer Society

The Annual MedAmerica Billing Services Inc. Bake Sale Challenge, headed by Tamera Franklin, EDI Coordinator, was held at the Modesto Campus on April 10, 2014. The grand total raised for the bake sale was $1,738.25. This money in entirety will be donated to Relay For Life / The American Cancer Society. The event featured all kinds of tasty baked goods, breakfast burritos, candy gram boxes with tags for appreciation, and items donated for silent auctioning. Employees Karen Dilallo and Angie Ramirez were instrumental in setting up, decorating and coordinating payment at the 1601 and 1640 buildings!

The SIPS Mobile Express truck also came to the parking lot, and set up - selling fruit smoothies, coffee and tea drinks, along with lunch meal deals for $10.00. A portion of their sales will be donated to the charity as well. The accounting has not been turned in yet. That amount will be announced at a later date.

Remember: "There is no finish line until we find a cure" - says Tamera Franklin.

Annual Bake Sale Photo #1 Annual Bake Sale Photo #2

MBSI Raises $1,240 For Charity

March 14, 2014: Gabe Caligiuri, Assistant Manager, Technology Customer Service & Solutions, announced today that the I.T. equipment fundraiser held recently in Modesto and Ontario, raised a total of $1,240.00 for the MBSI charities. The past few weeks, the I.T. Department sold used items that were inhabiting their area: laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, desk phones, software, keyboards and more. The money will be split evenly and donated to Relay For Life and the American Heart Association! Thanks to all who participated in the sale, resulting in a sizeable donation to both charities.

Ontario Office Expands to Entire Floor

To meet the needs of our growing business, the Ontario MBSI office suite has expanded to take over the entire fourth floor of the building! Originally housed in the 420 suite, in the Vineyard Ave. location, it was quickly noted that more work cubicles and offices were needed to effectively handle the increase in business. In March 2014, the build-out to the rest of the floor was complete. MBSI now has over 60 new work stations, 7 new offices, an additional break room and a second conference room in the Ontario office.

Assistant Director of Operations Barbara Darling notes, "The build out and growth of the Ontario office is a positive shot in the arm for this location. The additional space and progressive changes are both welcoming and encouraging for the staff; everyone is engaged in the positive momentum as MBSI continues to grow!"

Ontario Office Expands to Entire Floor

Weight Loss Challenge for MBSI Staff Gains a Big Prize

The results are in for the 1st Annual MBSI Weight Loss Challenge. The goal for the challenge was to get as many staff as possible to sign up, and get healthy - with the help and support of other employees. 120 people signed up at the beginning on March 11, 2013, each contributing $25.00 to go into the Weight Loss Challenge Fund, totaling $3,000.00 overall. This money was divided after the final weigh-out between the person who lost the most percent total body weight, and the team that lost the most percent body weight.

MBSI challenged individual people, and the teams to work hard for ten weeks – not only to lose weight, but to exercise more, eat healthier meals, and to improve overall lifestyle! Final weigh-out (of 88 finalists), held on May 22, 2013, revealed that 726 total pounds were lost. This also translated to a total of 257 inches lost overall!

The individual who won was Sheletta Thomas, Assistant Supervisor for Region 4 in the Billing Department, who lost a total of 14.56% in body weight. She received $1,500.00 for her achievement! She notes that her success was due to burning more calories every day, exercising at least 30 minutes a day, and eating in a more healthful manner.

The winning team was "Weight and See", which consisted of Courtney Garza, Marina Vizcaino, Darlene Steen-burgh, and Michael Alanis. They divided up the remaining $1,500.00 evenly between themselves for their accomplishment.

Run by Bernie Colvin, Benefits Manager in the Human Resources Department, the Weight Loss Challenge encouraged more walking during lunch time, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy ideas. The final results showed a remarkable and dramatic loss of pounds and inches. Ms. Colvin says that she hopes to continue to do the Weight Loss Challenge at least twice a year from here on in. "I am so proud of the participants and the winners!" she said. "They all really got behind the program and look at the wonderful results!"

Weight Challenge Team Winner: Weight and See Weight Challenge Winner: Sheletta Thomas

MBSI Participates in 2013 Relay for Life Event

MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. had a 27 person team that participated in Modesto's Relay For Life event, which took place on May 18, 2013 at Johanson High School. In what has become an annual event for MBSI, Tamera Franklin, EDI Coordinator in the Modesto office, says that the team is the largest she’s had since she became the Team Captain eight years ago. Including MedAmerica’s Gold Level of sponsorship at $2,500.00, the team raised a total of $8,995.00 for the American Cancer Society. Also adding to the total, were several items for sale at the MBSI booth, including the sale of the MBSI cookbook, lunch-bags, Bead-A-Lap necklaces (best-seller of the booth!) Fight Like a Girl temporary tattoos, and more.

"We had a lot of fun this time around," says Tamera. "Some of the laps had themes, and we enjoyed seeing the funny costumes, crazy hats, inventive umbrellas, and more! Lots of people brought snacks and drinks, and breakfast was free both mornings of the event." The 24 hour event had great weather throughout, which added to the festive feel.

Tamera also wants to thank her Co-Captain, Karen DiLallo, CPC, Quality Assurance/Coding Manager, Jennifer D'Achiardi, Department Manager, Bonnie Webb, Prepping Department Supervisor, and Roseanne Hernandez, Prepping Department Office Assistant, for the set up and tear-down of the gazebo and booth. "Thank you to all the team members who showed up with laughter and support during the relay. Your being there meant all the difference to the cause!"

Joana Correia of Coding Department Photo

Teamwork is the Key to MBSI's Spirit Challenge

In the Modesto office, there has been an ongoing monthly team Spirit Challenge in Jennifer D’Achiardi's departments - that rally departmental team spirit and decorate the office with a theme! This past month, the winners are the Scanning Department for the third time in a row. (They won both the St. Patrick's Day and the Easter Challenge). Taking second place is the Refunds Department, and bringing in third place is the Prepping Department! The awards were given out, amid much laughter and warm enthusiasm.

The Spirit Challenge is a great team building initiative that was started in Jennifer D'Achiardi's departments, which include Refunds, Scanning, Prepping, Government Recovery, the Mailroom and Document Retrieval. Sandra Rodriguez has the honor of coordinating this light-hearted competition, coming up with a new theme every month. Usually the theme is seasonal, according to the time of the year. Employees have a few days each month to decorate according to the theme, and they are judged by non-biased employees, determined by Sandra. The winner is awarded with the Spirit Stick - which is a much-coveted symbol of team spirit!

The next Spirit Challenge will take place Friday May 3, 2013, and has been declared as "International Day". Teams are encouraged to decorate their work spaces with items that represent a country or place that interest them and will dress up accordingly. This will also include and International Pot Luck Lunch, with food from all different countries.

"I'm very excited about this, because it boosts team spirit and makes the work place a happier place to be!" says Sandra. "Good luck to everyone on the next go-round!"

"Individually We Are a Drop, Together We Are an Ocean" - Team Slogan

MBSI's Spirit Challenge - Easter Group Photo MBSI's Spirit Challenge - Spirit Stick

Daughter of MBSI Employee Youngest Volunteer at Local Fundraising Event

Justine Wood, daughter of Senior Systems Administrator Shawn Wood is jumping in to volunteering at a young age - and proving to be a huge success! Justine is 10 years old, and thanks to the understanding and support of her parents (her mother, Kristy, is an occupational therapist for the Stanislaus County Office of Education), decided to volunteer with the Society for Handicapped Children and Adults as a school project. First, she helped out with a bowling event, and proved to be an enthusiastic and capable volunteer.

Now she has decided to collect prom dresses for the society's Special Needs Ball. The Ball, now in its third year, provides a wonderful night for 300 high school aged special needs boys and girls, who often cannot attend their own school's proms, if the facility is not disabled-accessible, or the special needs attendees don’t feel comfortable. Her goal was to collect 35 prom dresses from friends and neighbors - and she currently has over 60 dresses (and suits for the gentlemen) and is still collecting!

Justine has also committed to raising collect $4,000.00 to cover all costs of the ball itself! Thus far, she has raised $850.00 towards that goal.

Lynn Quijada-Vaughan, head of volunteers at the Society for Handicapped Children and Adults, called Justine a great example for children her age - and significantly older. "She doesn't put barriers on people."

Anyone wishing to contact her about a dress donation, or wishing to donate funds for the prom can visit her donation website:

Or if you are a MedAmerica employee, you can also see her father, Shawn Wood, in the I.S. Department at our Modesto office, or call his cell phone (209)966-7015 or email him at

Justine Wood

Employee Appreciation Day Takes Over the Stadium at John Thurman Field!

On a sunny and warm Friday, August 24, 2012, MedAmerica Billing Services Inc. (MBSI) practically took over the stadium at Jon Thurman Field for the Modesto Nuts vs. the Bakersfield Blaze baseball game! Over 920 tickets went out to MBSI employees, friends and family. MBSI provided employees 2 free tickets each, and free parking passes. Employees could also buy additional tickets for a low price.

From 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm a free all-you-can-eat barbeque dinner was served for everyone in the East Barbeque Pavilion. There was savory Tri-Tip steak, Tri-Tip sandwiches, hot dogs, macaroni salad, and baked beans for all, along with soda or water. Additionally, children aged 12 years or younger were provided with wristbands allowing them free admission in the Fun Zone with various inflatable toys!

At 7:00 pm, Jimmie Proffitt, President and C.O.O. of M.B.S.I., tossed out the first pitch! During the 5th inning of the game, Mr. Proffitt was again seen on the stadium jumbotron, with a personal message to everyone, thanking the employees for all their hard work, and encouraging everyone to have a great time at the game! The final score was Nuts winning, 2-0. To top everything off, there was a fantastic fireworks show after the game, which wowed the crowd!

"This was probably one of the best employee appreciation events we have ever had", says Jerry Garcia, MBSI's Facilities Maintenance Tech. Karen Addison CSI Project Portfolio Manager admitted that this was the first time she had ever been to a professional baseball game. "It was a lot of fun, and it inspired me to attend a lot more baseball games in the future", said Ms. Addison.

Employee Appreciation Day: Sonia Nevarez and April Kruse Employee Appreciation Day: Jimmie Proffitt Pitching

MBSI SoCal Festivities Region One in Upland Celebrates their 2nd Quarter Spirit Week

Region One, located in our Upland office (soon to move to Ontario), celebrated their 2nd Quarter Employee Spirit week, culminating in a lip-smacking delicious lunch held for the entire staff at Lucille’s Smokehouse Barbeque in Rancho Cucamonga!

Spirit Week took place from Monday July 16, 2012 through Friday, July 20, 2012. Each day had a specific theme: Monday was Patriotic Day (wear your red, white and blue), Tuesday was Fashion Disaster Day (with a lot of creative clashing prints, and outrageous outfits), Wednesday was Backwards Inside-Out Day (flashback to Kriss Kross in the '90s), Thursday was Flip Flop Hawaiian Day (break out your Hawaiian Shirts), and Friday was our MBSI Day, with everyone wearing new SoCal MBSI shirts, created for the event.

Dorothy Smith, the regional manager for the group, outlined the special week, saying, "The intention of Spirit Week is to boost morale, motivate, strengthen region unity, to get pumped up for the festivities on Friday while having a few laughs, and to recognize our top performers for the quarter. Our Employee Incentive Program for the entire year has been broken down by quarters. Each quarter we have a spirit week starting Monday leading up to our auction, raffle and potluck on Friday. We lucked out with the timing of the office move - having to bump up our Employee Appreciation, which ties into the purpose of our Spirit Week anyway. This quarter instead of the potluck, we ended Spirit Week with our Employee Appreciation lunch at Lucille’s - that's pretty much the best BBQ in town, hands down!"

The Activities Committee, who planned the week out, included: Dorothy Smith, Nicole Watson, Aline Gnotsavath, Andrina Vann, Carrie Giancanelli, Jill Cox, Leah St James and Marie Villegas. Everyone in the entire office participated and contributed to the smashing success of the week!

"We had a great week of fun that included team building, achievement awards and GREAT food. Upland is excited for what is in store with our move to Ontario. What a great way to start new beginnings", concludes Dorothy.

MBSI SoCal Festivities Region One in Upland Celebrates their 2nd Quarter Spirit Week Photo #1 MBSI SoCal Festivities Region One in Upland Celebrates their 2nd Quarter Spirit Week Photo #2

MBSI joins Stantogether 1,000 Jobs Program

The Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance created a campaign to add 1,000 jobs in six months to Stanislaus County: "Stantogether 1,000". Local area companies were asked to add at least one new employee to their workforce to help boost our economy. The goal was reached by more than 200 local businesses, whose combined efforts created a total of 1,025 new jobs in the area. In true MBSI style, we went above and beyond the request. Instead of hiring one new employee - we have hired 72 new employees thus far in 2012. With the addition of new hospital contracts, more staff has been needed in many areas to accommodate our business needs at our Modesto office this year. We expect more hospital contracts in the future, and we will continue to bring on more employees in order to keep up with our ever expanding business.

A Mixer to celebrate exceeding the Alliance Worknet's Stantogether 1000 Jobs goal took place at the Modesto Centre Plaza on June 14, 2012. Area businesses were invited to take part in networking and discussing how their companies were able to continue to hire in our current economic environment. Representing MBSI were Melissa Foreman, Regional Manager, and Rochelle Ronquillo, Human Resource Generalist/Recruiter. Ms. Foreman, along with several other Regional Managers at MBSI, has assisted the selection process of hiring our new Billing Specialists for the company.

MBSI joins Stantogether 1,000 Jobs Program Photo #1

MBSI Raises over $13,500.00 in Modesto's Relay For Life 2012 Event

Modesto's Relay For Life annual event was held on May 13th, at Johanson High School's track. Relay For Life's overall amount of money raised came to $315,000, of which MBSI contributed $13,598.50! There were 1,517 people participating in 108 teams. This year we had 19 people register to be on our MedAmerica Team, 15 of which were MBSI employees.

Organized by Tamera Franklin and Karen Dilallo, our team kept up their energy, and completed the 24 hour relay in fine form! Tamera remarks, "There were three of us who stayed up the night through, talking and visiting with other team members!"

MBSI has been participating in the Modesto Relay For Life event since 2001. During that time, we have continued to gain strength and resolve. MBSI has doubled the money donated from the 2007 donated amount of $6,308.00. We continue to be passionately involved in this event, raising money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

Anyone interested in participating in the Spring 2013 Relay For Life, please contact Tamera Franklin in our Modesto Campus.

Pictured are: Sharon Williams (Coding Department), Tamera Franklin (EDI Coordinator)

MBSI Raises over $13,500.00 in Modesto's Relay For Life 2012 Event Photo #1

April 2012 MBSI Bake Sale Results in Sizeable Contribution to Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)

Once again, the employees of MBSI, headed by Tamera Franklin, Karen DiLallo and Pam Cayson, organized and collected an array of scrumptious baked goods, sold to the employees of the Modesto Campus! On April 6, 2012, final tallies showed that $3,795.10 was raised, which was donated to Relay for Life/American Cancer Society.

Spread throughout the three buildings in Modesto, there were hundreds of items available for purchase: cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and more for our employees with a sweet tooth! Additionally, there were more than sweets offered, such as breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, bagels, yogurt parfaits, a taco bar, baked potato bar, pizza, nachos, and other savory offerings. A silent auction was also held, with items such as gift cards to local stores, gift baskets with personal products, an Avon goodie bag, candles, contributed along with the food sale funds.

MBSI has held this bake sale for Relay For Life for over 10 years, and it continues to grow in popularity. "There is no finish line until we find a cure." says Tamera Franklin. The next bake sale is slated to run in October, 2012.

April 2012 MBSI Bake Sale Results in Sizeable Contribution to Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) Photo #1 April 2012 MBSI Bake Sale Results in Sizeable Contribution to Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) Photo #2

Upland Office Features Fashion Show for Employees

On March 30, 2012, our Upland office held a fashion show for employees! Led by Regional Manager Dorothy Smith-Riley, there was an announcement that we would soon be quartered in new offices, closer to the Ontario Airport. Because of this, we will have more of the CEP physician staff visiting the offices, and sometimes using the new office for their own meetings while in the Southland. In light of this new focus on the new office and its inhabitants, Dorothy called upon her staff to "step up their game" by dressing more professionally on a day-to-day basis.

Several of the Upland staff members were outfitted in examples of acceptable attire: embodying Daily Attire, Business Casual Attire and Professional Attire. It was a light-hearted, approach to see examples of what to wear, and what not to wear to the new office. The Upland staff all had a great time seeing their co-workers on the "catwalk"! Thanks to Dorothy Smith-Riley for delivering such a creative event!

Please note in the picture – the red hat is what NOT to wear in the professional workplace!

Upland Office Features Fashion Show for Employees Photo #1


For the past 2 years, MBSI has held an annual slogan contest for our employees. It's a lot of fun, and we always get many creative slogan submissions. This year's winner is our very own Sarah Lovelace in our Payment Auditing Department. She won out of the 25 entries in the contest this year. Her prize is an American Express Gift Card in the amount of $100. Congratulations, Sarah!

Reindeer Committee Raises Funds for Various Local Charities

MBSI's "Reindeer Committee", led by Janice Greengo, kicked off their fundraiser at Applebee's Restaurant in Modesto on November 12, 2011. The fundraiser ran from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, raising $500 in that time. Additionally, a representative from Cookie Lee Jewelry was there, and added $110 to the total. All proceeds from the fundraiser and jewelry sales went to Teen Challenge in Turlock, The Mary Graham Children's Center in French Camp, and the Angel Tree program. "Thank you to all MBSI for their generosity." says Greengo and the Reindeer Committee!

Reindeer Committee Raises Funds for Various Local Charities Photo #1

Angel Tree - A Program of Prison Fellowship

Angel Tree is the program of Prison Fellowship that focuses on transformation in the lives of the children of inmates and fostering reconciliation between the child and incarcerated parent and family. MBSI has collaborated with Richard Atchley, Program Director, for the Northern California area. We will provide gifts for 75 children located in Stanislaus County for the 2011 Holiday season.

MBSI employees will receive the names of children who were signed up by their mom or dad in prison. Name tags of these children and gift suggestions will be supplied to us. We will purchase, wrap, and deliver a gift for each child on behalf of his or her incarcerated parent - making the holiday merry and bright!

Angel Tree - A Program of Prison Fellowship Photo #1 Angel Tree - A Program of Prison Fellowship Photo #2

Mary Graham Children's Shelter Based in French Camp, CA

Each year over 1,000 children in San Joaquin County find themselves in Foster Care due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. The Mary Graham Children's Shelter Foundation is a private non-profit organization formed by local concerned individuals to give support to our foster youth, picking up where their other systems of support leave off.

The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that these children are made to feel supported and cared for throughout their time as foster youth, with the ultimate goal of seeing these youth through to a successful transition from the foster care system to life on their own as adults.

MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. plans to adopt and support 25 children placed in the shelter and provide blankets and warm clothing. They may even have a visit from Santa and his reindeer, bringing toys this year! MBSI will also provide a nice dinner for all of the children so they can feel as though they are having a Christmas at their own home!

Relay For Life

MedAmerica has been a proud sponsor of Relay for Life since the year 2001 and became a Platinum level sponsor in 2010. Relay for Life is a 24 hour event held by the American Cancer Society. Each year our MedAmerica team raises more money than the year before by doing creative fund raisers. We have competition bake sales between our buildings on campus and compete against each other to see which building can sell the most baked goods, raffle prices, and silent auction items. We also hold boutiques, book fairs, parking lot sales, car washes, fudge sales, farmer's markets, and anything else that will "Show us the Money!"

At the Relay for Life event, many of our team members camp out and stay the night during the 24 hour event. Cancer never sleeps and neither will we! We make sure that one of our team members is always on the track, walking in hopes that a cure will be found soon. MedAmerica's team has brought home many awards for fundraising and also a trophy for team spirit! This event touches the heart of so many as it pays tribute, those who have won the battle with cancer, those who are still fighting, and those who have lost the battle.

There is no finish line until we find a cure!

American Heart Association

Beginning in 2010, MBSI has conducted its first Heart Fundraising project and will continue to do it each year. Some of the fundraising efforts include a walk-a-thon and other miscellaneous fundraising efforts – with proceeds going to the American Heart Association, in 2010 we managed to raise almost $4,000.00, and hope that each year we can fundraise more.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is a faith-based program for men aged 18 and older, with life controlling addictions. Using proven methods and a core curriculum, Teen Challenge provides an intense 12 to 16 month residential program in a structured and caring environment. They offer G.E.D tutoring and "hands on" vocational training in various fields. An important part of Teen Challenge's successful recovery program is to enable the men to become responsible in every area of life. Students are required to participate in a variety of staff supervised work experience opportunities and community projects. This allows them to learn fundamental skills while preparing them for future employment and contributing financially to their own recovery. Teen Challenge has chosen not to receive government funding; therefore the remainders of their financial needs are met by annual fundraising events and donations from businesses, churches and private individuals.

Every Holiday season since 2005, the MBSI office in Modesto has promoted a company fundraiser to support the Teen Challenge program, located in Turlock, CA. Through the generosity of donations and fundraiser opportunities, our employees feel this is a valuable outreach program - supporting students and their families who are dedicated to changing their lives for the better. This support allows the student to focus solely on recovery. In 2010, MBSI supported 15 men and their families (including 6 wives and 26 children). Additionally, MBSI supported 15 single men without families.

Westside Ministries

Beginning in 2005, MBSI has sponsored the children in our community who attend West Side Ministries, based in Turlock, CA. Each year MBSI faithfully contributes to the "adoption" of 100 children during the holiday season by donating warm coats, clothing, school supplies, and a small gift from Santa wrapped in ribbons and bows. We have partnered with local vendors who gather together at the Modesto MBSI office for a holiday dinner party, hosting our "adopted" children, where we give out gifts from Santa, warm clothing and hair cuts.

Relay For Life Logo